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Top Emerging International Painters

international painters

We’ve assembled a list showcasing the most promising emerging painters from around the globe. This curated compilation serves as a valuable resource for art enthusiasts seeking to discover new and exciting artworks.

Explore a diverse array of talents spanning continents, as we present a platform that celebrates the innovative expressions of emerging artists.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a passionate admirer of the arts, our carefully selected roster introduces you to fresh perspectives and cutting-edge creations.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of contemporary art, where creativity knows no bounds, and discover the next generation of artistic brilliance.

Ranking of the top emerging international painters

In this list, we have included all top emerging international painters for finding artistic inspiration, in order of inclusion and not merit.

  • #1Silvia Strobos

    Silvia Strobos

    Dutch artist Silvia Strobos, based in Switzerland since 1998, holds a master’s degree in History of Arts. Exhibiting since 2012, she’s been featured in international galleries and art fairs. Recognitions include a 2019 Schoch Art Award.

  • #2Jos


    Jos, a Dutch contemporary artist since 2015, blends realism and expressionism in his art, featuring nature, people, and vintage cars. Focused on complementing interiors, his work emphasizes color and minimalism. Visit site

  • #3Roman van Gelder

    Roman van Gelder

    Roman van Gelder, a self-taught painter from the Netherlands, began drawing early, inspired by cartoons and comics. With a background in communication and design, he creates art for joy and happiness.

  • #4Steve Behar

    Steve Behar

    Steve Behar is a narrative painter from California, whose work has been included in shows at the San Diego Museum of Art. His work is inspired by mid century American media.

  • #5Jim Roberts

    Jim Roberts

    Jim Roberts studied Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking at Boston University. He also studied Illustration and Graphic Design at The University of California, Berkeley. His landscape and floral paintings offer a perspective that is unexpected and pleasing.

  • #6Andy Acuz

    Andy Acuz

    Andy Acuz is a self-taught painter,drawer,and blogger from Sardinia(Italy).He paints especially with oil colours but also with acrylics, gouaches and watercolours.His drawings are made with graphite and charcoals as well as sanguine pencil. He is inspired mostly by nature,ancient works and modern life. His blog talks about art history as well as the best art items on the market;he also gives useful advice about art techniques.Visit site

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